Why Should You Sleep With Your Bedroom Window Open?

Why Should You Sleep With Your Bedroom Window Open?

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Sleeping with your window open has been proven to improve sleep quality, efficiency, depth and reduce awakenings. 

A Dutch study found that people sleeping in a room with either the window or a door open slept better then those who didn't. It is speculated that the improved airflow allowed into the room from a window or door being open reduced the build up of CO2 levels and allowed a better quality of sleep. 

In other studies subjects in well ventilated rooms have reported feeling better rested than their counterparts, as well as performing better when tested and having a better mental state. One study found that ventilated sleepers were able to fall asleep faster. However downsides of sleeping in a better ventilated room include mouth and skin dryness. 

Obviously sleeping with your window open in winter can be a bit cold so leaving your bedroom door open during the colder months could be seen as a suitable alternative as it will allow increased airflow into your bedroom.  

Do you have any tips to help you sleep? White noise? Lavender? Bath before bed time? Let us know in the comments section.

The Putnams Office team all agree that the right pillow makes all the difference. 

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  • Sky

    That explains why I got super dry and flaky skin after I slept with my window cracked lol

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