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Benefits: Wool is naturally temperature regulating, sleeping with wool leads to more stag 4 sleep (deeper), it is hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and moisture wicking.

Health: We use is OEKO-TEX 100 British wool, meaning it has been tested to prove it contains no harmful substances to human health.

Welfare: All our wool is sourced from British farms. The UK has some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world which farmers must adhere to.

Eco: Wool is a renewable resource and naturally breaks down at end of use.

Local: Our wool is sourced locally to our factory reducing emissions associated with transit.


Certified organic filling, buckwheat hulls are the husks from the buckwheat crop. They can be molded to shape.

Moving during sleep does cause them to make some sound. They also come with a "wood like" aroma that dissipates with time.


Our graphite latex is 50% natural latex (plant made), 40% synthetic latex and 10% graphite. The graphite replaces the need for fire retardant chemicals.

Soft - firm

Foam is long lasting, hard wearing and holds it's shape. Available in different densities depending on the product you purchase.

Soft - firm

Memory foam is well known for it's pressure relieving properties. Originally designed for NASA this material is long wearing. Available in different densities depending on the product you purchase.


Poly-fibre fill. Light and squidgy.

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We offer a range of fillings in our pillows, cushions & comforters. Our fillings include; British wool, organic buckwheat hulls, graphite latex, foam & memory foam.