What is a CPAP pillow? - What does it do & does it work?

What is a CPAP pillow? - What does it do & does it work?

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What is a CPAP pillow?

A CPAP pillow is a specially designed pillow to work alongside your CPAP machine to improve comfort and encourage longer use of the machine. It replaces your usual fibre, feather or foam pillow and usually has special cut-outs to make side sleeping more comfortable.

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What does a CPAP pillow do?

Essentially it makes a CPAP mask more comfortable to wear during sleep. This is beneficial for the user as it can improve their long term health from using a CPAP machine consistently whilst also improving sleep every night. A good night's sleep has been proven to aid in weight loss.

  • Stops "blow out" into eyes.
  • Increases time spent using CPAP machine.
  • No more angry red face lines upon waking.
  • Improves comfort.
  • Increases deep sleep.
  • Reduces neck and back pain.

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Do CPAP pillows really work?

Yes, a good CPAP pillow does all of the bullet points above. Mostly it's about reducing non-compliance. Non compliance is when someone takes off their mask during the night or stops using it altogether as they are uncomfortable or cannot sleep. This is not good for the individual's overall health. If someone has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and told to use a CPAP machine by a medical professional they should do so.

A CPAP pillow helps someone use their CPAP machine whilst also being able to get a good night's sleep in. 

What is the best CPAP pillow to use with a mask?

There are a few pillow types to pick from. You can purchase fibre filled, memory foam or orthopedic foam fillings. If you have back and neck problems a foam based pillow are recommended as they provide more support to your body.

CPAP pillow for sleeping with sleep apnoea special cut outs comfort sleep

What is the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers?

If possible buy a CPAP pillow with a lengthy guarantee. The pillow should also come with a cover included.

The advanced CPAP pillow has a two year guarantee, comes with a fitted cover and is available in different thicknesses because peoples differing builds need different levels of support. Depending on your shirt size:

XS - Advanced CPAP pillow - Small

S-M - Advanced CPAP pillow - Medium

L-XL+ - Advanced CPAP pillow - Large

We also do this exact pillow but in memory foam. The memory foam version is very firm. The standard version is soft, springy and cloud like whilst also being supportive.

The advanced CPAP pillow is also made completely in the UK.

CPAP PILLOW HOW DO THEY work, what do they do?

Where to buy CPAP pillow?

CPAP pillow near me UK. You can order a CPAP pillow online here with next day or 2nd class royal mail delivery.

The CPAP pillows are:

  • Made in the UK.
  • Improve comfort when sleeping with a full CPAP face mask.
  • Reduce blow-out into eyes.
  • Increase the amount of time you spend using your CPAP mask.
  • With neck support; improve neck, shoulder and spinal alignment.
  • Suitable for back, front and side sleepers.
  • Can be used with many machine types including Dreamwear and Philips.
  • Pillows are recommended by NHS trusts.
  • Come with a fitted cover.
  • 2 year product guarantee.

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  • Jon Hutton


    My medical practitioner recommended a v shaped pillow to help me improve my CPAP use, however, I am struggling to see how this would benefit me. Have you encountered other CPAP users using v shaped pillows? Would you suggest a cpap pillow if preference to a v shaped pillow?

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