What Bedding Is Best To Stop Bed Bugs?

What Bedding Is Best To Stop Bed Bugs?

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Spotted at Paris Fashion Week, and allegedly now on London’s Victoria tube line, there is a new guest taking cities (and bedrooms) by storm… Cimex lectularius. No, it’s not the name of a cool new fashion brand - we’re talking about bed bugs.

french bed bug with beret and a baguette

What is a bed bug?

Bed bugs are four legged creatures, without wings, that are found predominantly, as the name suggests, in beds. Unfortunately, they also tend to latch onto people – and can be passed from person to person, and therefore bed to bed – multiplying quickly (female bed bugs can lay up to 7 eggs a week!).

How to spot bed bugs?

Rather like an episode of CSI, you may spot:

  • A mysterious musty aroma
  • Red itchy cluster bites on arms and legs
  • Untraceable blood stains
  • Dark, brown droppings
  • Eggs, egg shells and in cases of severe infestation, visible bed bugs

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Ok, I know what they are and how to spot them but how on earth do I get rid of them?
In serious cases, pest control may be needed, however there are a number of steps you can take at home to try and eradicate your new friends:

  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum your bedroom
  • Wash all bedding on a hot wash, followed by a hot tumble dry
  • Use bed bug sprays
  • Use bed bug interceptors on the feet of your bed to stop new bugs crawling up onto the bed
  • Use a steamer on bedding to kill existing bugs
  • Use bed bug proof covers on your mattress to stop them getting in
  • Tea tree, peppermint and lavender oil are also useful for deterring bed bugs

bed bugs on the london tube AI

What bedding is best to stop bed bugs?

Purchase new bedding and mattresses – memory foam and latex are high density materials, meaning they are the best at keeping those pesky bed bugs out!

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  • Trevor

    I have a problem with bedbugs that I reflect in both myself and my cat. Because my cat won’t give me cuddles on my sofa. Because I sleep on my sofa. Because I could be it’s the from my childhood regarding beds. What can I do to stop the infestation within my lounge and my hallway? And stop them coming from my bedroom into my hallway. Thanks, Trevor.

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