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We're open. Free standard shipping (UK mainland).
We're open. Free standard shipping (UK mainland).
Sofa Cushion Replacement & Refilling Service UK - Foam, Fibre & Stockinette | Putnams

Sofa Cushion Replacement & Refilling Service UK - Foam, Fibre & Stockinette

We refill your sofa cushions with foam, fibre and stockinette.

sofa cushion replacement Devon Plymouth Cornwall Plympton Kingsbridge

Tired of your sofa cushions looking... tired? No problem, we are here to help. We can refill sofa cushions throughout the UK. 

All our upholstery foams are made in the UK and meet British fire standard BS5852 both for your peace of mind and to please your insurance.

Local? Come in to see us at Langage Industrial Estate in Plymouth, PL7 5ET. 

Not Local? No problem. 

how to refill sofa cushions replace online covers send post tracked

1. Measure your cushions (height, width and depth).

2. Give us a call (01752 345678 or email for an approximate quote (we will talk you through the different foam types we offer and recommend you one based on your current filling, cushion thickness and desired firmness level).

sofa cushion armchair foam sponge fibre feather what is fibre

3. If you are agreeable to the quote send your cushion covers to us in the post on a tracked service. Once we receive the covers we will measure them and double check the quote.

4. If you want to go ahead still we will then refill the cushions to fill your bespoke covers (including fibre and stockinette) and send them out to you.

If you don't want to go ahead we will send your covers back to you on a tracked service.

Refill sofa cushions foam how to cut British foam fire standards insurance

See our video below on how we refill sofa cushions with our in-house team:


what is fibre sofa cushions what does it do worthwhile is it

What is Fibre? - Sofa Cushions & Cut Foam

Fibre, also known as wadding is laminated to foam to make cut foam units appear rounder and softer when placed into covers. We offer and recommend it on all sofa cushion quotes to fill out the covers and stop them looking baggy or gaping. We use a specialist water based adhesive which is less toxic than traditional glues used by many upholsterers. 

what is stockinette what does it do sofa cushions foam pad sponge worth it?

What is Stockinette? - Sofa Cushions & Cut Foam

Stockinette is wrapped around either just foam or foam and fibre (see above). It is again recommended with sofa cushions to hold the fibre together and make it easier to remove external sofa cushion covers for washing. We over-lock (stitch) the stockinette onto each of your cushions. 


If you have any questions or would like a free quote please call us on 01752 345678 or email us we are open Mon-Fri 08:45 - 16:45.

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Sandy Gilmour - November 26, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

Can you please give me a quote to replace the filling of two back cushions for sofa.
I would prefer pocket fibre and already have cushion covers.

Measurements + two:

L 98 X W 55 X D 30

Kind regards,
Sandy Gilmour

Michael Astill - December 7, 2018

Hi I have a nice three seater sofa it still looks good it came from House of Frazer however the base foam cuchions have become saggy so I live in Modbury so if OK I will bring them in on Monday/Tuesday Regards Michael I have read lots of your reviews and you sound just the right company to refurbish my sofa

Sally Gough - September 25, 2018

Thank you for the quote over the phone, will be sending in cushions soon. – Sally G, Barnstaple

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