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How Do I Get My Sofa Cushions Refilled? UK


Here is our guide to having your feather / fibre cushions refilled with foam.

Scroll down for a FAQ's section with more useful information such as: How much will it cost? How long does it take? What is fibre and stockinette? Can I get my back cushions replaced too? Will the new cushions be compliant with my insurance? 

Don't worry if you aren't local we regularly refill cushion covers sent into us, please see below information on how to use our nation wide sofa cushion refilling service.

sofa cushion refilling uk

Key Benefits of using Putnams:
  1. From looking saggy to new with no effort.
  2. 6 different cushions to try in our showroom (or we can recommend to you over the phone & send samples).
  3. You wont need to 'plump up' our cushions as they are made from UK spring back foam.
  4. No need to worry about measuring the cushions as our team will do the work for you.
  5. Save £000's not buying a new sofa.
  6. British foam for quality and longevity.
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Check out our facebook for more before and after pictures.

How sofa cushion refilling works:
  1. Bring your old cushions into us including the outer covers and inner cushion filling.
  2. Try the different cushions we have available on our showroom sofa and choose your desired firmness with the assistance of one of our foam specialists. 
  3. We will measure your existing cushions for you and give you a price based on the foam you have selected.
  4. If you are happy to proceed then you just need to leave the cushions with us and your contact details (if you have one or more cushions that are identical then then you just need to leave one).
  5. Our foam cutters will fill your cushions for you in your desired foam to make them look perfect in the covers.
  6. We will phone you as soon as they are ready for collection.

sofa cushion refilling uk wide send us your covers


How long does it take to refill my sofa cushions once I have dropped them off?

It can vary on how busy we are. Generally its 2-5 working days however when we are busier this can increase to 5-7 working days. You can always ring ahead to check how busy we are at the time (01752 345678).

I need the new cushions to reach British fire standards to comply with my insurance.

All our sofa cushion foam grades are made in the UK and meet all relevant fire standards (BS5852). This means that your new sofa cushions will comply with any standard UK insurance. This is particularly important for holiday homes and guest letting apartments.

sofa cushion refilling leather and fabric

How much does sofa cushion refilling cost?

The price varies depending on the size of your cushions (W x D x H), the foam you choose and how many you are having refilled. Sofa cushions can cost anywhere from £38 - £70 per cushion. Call us with you sizes before you come in for a rough quote (although it can vary due to different foam preferences and inaccurate measuring).

Will they feel much different from feather/ fibre cushions that I have currently?

Yes, foam cushions keep their shape so once you stand up they spring back meaning they will look different on your sofa. Please also consider that with foam replacements you will be sat higher up. This is often useful for those with hip problems and elderly individuals with reduced mobility. The structure of foam also means that sitting should be more beneficial for your back and will help you sit up straighter. (See our range of back rests here.)

Can I get my back sofa cushions replaced too; to stop them sagging?

We can also refill backs or add a foam insert into them to add more structure.
sofa cushion refilling leather saggy cushions to new

Do you include fibre and stockinette, what is fibre and stockinette on sofa cushions?

Fibre and stockinette is wrapped around the foam cushions to give the appearance of a rounder cushion. The fibre is glued to the foam using a water based adhesive and then the stockinette is over-locked over the foam and fibre to keep it all contained. When you take your covers off it will all come out easier and go back in easier too. All our standard sofa cushion quotes include both fibre and stockinette.
what is fibre and stockinette dacron sofa cushions foam
Nation wide Sofa Cushion Replacement.
We can also offer nation wide sofa cushion refilling.
  1. Simply ring us for a rough quote with your sofa cushion sizes (W x D x H).
  2. If you are happy to go ahead send your covers into us on a tracked service.
  3. Once we receive them we will measure and double check the original quote.
  4. If you are still happy to go ahead we take payment, refill them and send them back to you on a tracked service.
  5. If you do not want to go ahead we send them back to you on a tracked service for Free.

Have more questions about sofa cushion refilling?

Call us. We love talking about foam! Seriously. We can talk you through any questions you may have about the process. 01752 345678

Reviews from happy customers (all available to view on our google reviews).

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review for sofa cushion refilling uk
sofa cushion refilling uk reviews
Opening times:
Monday - Friday 8:45am - 4:45pm (We don't stop at lunch and no need to make an appointment! but we do ask you come a little before we close as it takes some time to go through the different foam options).

Factory Location:
Eastern Wood Road
Langage Industrial Esate
01752 345678

Although not essential it is useful for you to measure the internal arm to arm measurement (where the cushions sit) of the sofa so that our cutters can make sure the covers look perfect and they also fit perfectly on your sofa.


  • Christine Ball

    Hi I’ve just brought a large sofa that has 2 cushions 43inchesX32ini would like a price on replacing them please the lining that the wadding is in is all ripped too ….hoping you can help

  • Elaine Duncan

    Do you sell replacement covers for sofa cushions. Preferable in velvet.

  • Tally Kalirai

    I have a 3 piece sofa set where the cushions have all sagged. I would like them refilled. The only issue I can see is that I cannot separate the cushions from the frame of the sofa. Is there any possible way we can get these cushions refilled. Thank You

  • Pamela

    Good morning we have a corner suite and a couple of seats needs re filling

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