Putnam Pillow - Original or Memory Foam? which is better

Putnam Pillow - Original or Memory Foam?

The Putnam Pillow was designed by co founder James Putnam over 35 years ago and remains one of our most popular and best-selling products. With a combined 300+ verified reviews our customers rave about the support and longevity of this pillow. 

The Putnam Pillow comes in original and also memory foam. We wanted to discuss the differences and let you know which one we sell more of. Let's get into it!

What are they made from?

Putnam Pillow what are they made from?

The original Putnam Pillow is made from cold cure polyurethane foam. The memory foam version is made from a very dense memory foam. Both pillows are made from the exact same molds which remain unchanged since design conception. So regardless of the material you choose your pillow will still have all the same design features.

Which is firmer?

Which is firmer? Putnam Pillow Standard or memory foam?

The original Putnam Pillow is a medium soft. It hold's it's shape but is springy. 

The Memory Foam Putnam Pillow is very firm. It is temperature sensitive (firmer in cooler environments and softer in hotter environments). 

Suffer with heat?

Suffer with heat? Original or memory foam Putnam Pillow

Memory foam has a reputation for getting hot while you sleep. It you suffer with overheating we do not recommend it instead go for the original version.

Which do we sell more of?

Putnam Pillow memory foam or original?

We sell more of the original Putnam Pillow. This version also has nearly double the verified customer reviews. We also tend to recommend this one over the phone if you call our customer service team. Everyone in the office that uses a Putnam Pillow uses the original version

Putnam Pillow reviews.

Also available in the smaller travel version (right).

It comes in different thicknesses, what size should I buy?

We have a Putnam Pillow quiz here to help you decide.

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