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Memory Foam Dog Bed Cut To Size UK


Here at Putnams we can cut you a memory foam dog bed to size, we also sell high, medium and low densities of foam and can design a bespoke orthopedic foam pad to meet your dogs health conditions, breed and weight. 

We cut foam to order in our factory here in Plymouth, Devon.

Give us a call for a quote now 01752 345678 or email us

If you are local we welcome you into our Plympton Showroom in the outskirts of Plymouth. We can sometimes cut while you wait and have a dog friendly show room.

We sell two grades of memory foam depending on the density you require but we can discuss this with you over the phone.  

We can also potentially offer a next day service however this is not always possible and varies on the currently factory work load.


  • Putnams Team

    We are able to cut foam for a dog bed to any size or thickness that you require. Please email us at for a quote.

  • Louise Spink

    Hello, I’m interested in your medium dog bed, but is it possible to order one that is 10cm deep rather than 5cm?

    Many thanks,


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