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Love your Back Best Back Care Products 2018

Valentine’s Day has now been and gone, the most romantic day of the year. People sharing cards and presents with their loved ones. All around us is the message to love and cherish each other however although we love, care and protect those around us we are sometimes a little remiss in looking after ourselves.

In the UK alone up to 28 million people suffer from some form of back pain and nearly 6 million working days are lost each year due to back pain. These figures are only set to rise as we lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and become more reliant on mobile phones and tablets for our entertainment.

There are however a number of ways we can buck this trend that will also make us both happier and healthier.

Lumbar Supports
Designed to support your Lumbar region and to counteract slouching both at home and in the office. These supports help to reduce lower back pain, improve posture and encourage a better sitting position. They are also excellent for sufferers of Osteoporosis and for offering lower back support during long journeys.

The Putnams Range Of Lumbar Supports

Hailing from ancient India, Yoga has long been the preferred exercise for those suffering from back pain. Low impact with a focus on core strength and flexibility Yoga is perfect no matter your age or athletic ability. It is also fantastically easy to pick up with numerous books, articles and online videos dedicated to the subject for all skill sets.

Knee Pillows
Suitable for hip, back and sciatica pain Knee Pillows help to keep your knees separated while you sleep and to keep your Pelvis aligned. Knee Pillows also help you maintain good posture while you are sleeping.

The Putnam Knee Pillow With Velcro Strap

Long touted as one of the best all round forms of exercise swimming helps to stretch and exercise all of your muscles without overdoing any particular muscle group. Aqua aerobics also helps to strengthen your core and lower back while the water resistance keeps the rest of your body supported. We would probably recommend skipping the butterfly stroke however as it may put too much stress on your core.

So don’t forget to look after yourself so that you are fit and health to spend lots of time with those you love.


Love Your Back - Back Care Advice and Best Products 2018

1 comment

  • Debra

    I currently sleep with your memory foam wedge and love it.I am trying yoga,but find I cannot lie o my mat without getting back pain.I usually end up lying on 4 standard mats and today I tried an old pillow in my hollow,have you considered making a good yoga mat.I have osteoporosis in my spine,oa in hips and knees and beginning of a kyphosis I think.

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