Is an under the mattress wedge right for you?

Is an under the mattress wedge right for you?

A lot of things can keep you up at night, but there are devices to help you finally get a great night’s sleep, like a mattress wedge from Putnams.

Whether you’re tossing and turning because of PoTS, sleep apnoea, acid reflux, or snoring, a mattress wedge can be the perfect nighttime solution.

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What is a mattress wedge?

A mattress wedge is a large, firm, triangular-shaped foam pillow that’s placed beneath a mattress to gently elevate it.

Do not confuse a mattress wedge with a bed wedge pillow. A bed wedge pillow is a triangular-shaped pillow that is meant to rest on top of the mattress. Bed wedge pillows are too soft to be used beneath heavy mattresses.

Both devices are used to elevate your head and shoulders above your torso, but a mattress wedge adjusts the entire length of your body while a bed wedge focuses on elevating your upper body.

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How to wedge a mattress

Choose a mattress wedge that’s the correct width and length to comfortably fit beneath your mattress. The mattress wedge should be wide and long enough to reach the edges of the mattress.

Remove your mattress from your bed and spread the mattress wedge flat over your bed frame so that the steeper end is at the head of the bed.

Replace your mattress so it’s resting on top of the mattress wedge.

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Does a mattress wedge work?

It’s common to blame your mattress for your sleeping problems. However. you may just need to experiment with different sleeping positions and supportive pillows to optimise your sleep environment.

Mattress wedges have been found in some to alleviate symptoms from various illnesses, prevent snoring, improve circulation, and provide a better night’s sleep, according to Health and Care.

Elevating your head over your torso at night can keep acid reflux symptoms at bay, stimulate blood flow, and relieve pressure on your upper respiratory system to improve breathing.

Each person has different sleeping preferences. A mattress wedge creates a gentle incline from head to toe, which can be more comfortable for people who suffer from shoulder pain or who tend to sleep on their sides.

Mattress wedges may be ideal for people who overheat at night by keeping the foam material away from your body where it can’t hold on to body heat.

Buy your next mattress wedge from Putnams

For more than four decades, family-owned Putnams has proudly manufactured quality comfort products at its facility in Devon.

Putnams mattress wedges are made with CertiPUR foam for unparalleled support and come with removable covers for easy washing.

You can also sleep easy knowing that the family-owned company is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Putnams has partnered with several environmental groups, uses environmentally friendly materials, and chooses locally sourced products whenever possible. For each mattress wedge sold, Putnams plants one tree.

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