How to extend the life of your sofa cushions.

How to extend the life of your sofa cushions.

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Your sofa is an important piece of furniture, but even the best sofa can wear out and lose its luxurious appearance. If your old sofa is looking a little drab, consider refilling your sofa cushions with new, high-quality foam filling from Putnams

What is inside a sofa cushion? 

Not all sofa cushion fillings are the same. The three most common fillings you’ll find are foam, feathers, and polyester. Older fillings can include shredded fabric or horse hair. 

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Foam sofa cushions are incredibly durable and come in a variety of densities. This low-maintenance sofa cushion filling can keep its shape and withstand a lot of regular use. 

Feathers and down

Feather and down cushions are soft and plush, but you’ll need to plump the cushions regularly to redistribute the filling. 


Polyester sofa cushions are affordable and plush, but not very durable. You’ll likely find yourself needing to replace polyester feelings most frequently.

Which sofa filling is best?

Foam is the best sofa cushion filling because it holds it's shape over time. With polyester, feathers or down the filling gets compressed over time and therefore needs daily "fluffing up" or manic beating. Foam also comes in different densities so you can pick how firm or soft you would like your cushions.

Firmer cushions are perhaps better for someone with a bad back or someone who finds it difficult to stand back up. Softer foam filling mimics a feather or polyester filling in feel but bounces back after use so your sofa always looks plump.

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What is sofa cushion stuffing?

This is the process of refilling your existing sofa cushion covers with a new filling. In most cases it can extend the life of a sofa by 15 years or more.

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Can sofa cushion covers be washed?

Whether you’re dealing with a nasty spill or just keeping up with household chores, washing sofa cushion covers can be a little confusing. 


Most routine cleaning can easily be done with a vacuum to remove surface dirt every week or so.

Washing machine

Some sofa cushion covers are machine-washable, but not all of them. Check the fabric care label or consult an upholstery professional before throwing them in the wash.

If you do decide to use the washing machine, don’t try to dry the covers completely. Either run them through the spin cycle a few times or tumble dry on low for a few minutes to remove excess moisture before laying them flat to dry.

Washing by hand

You’ll likely need to roll up your sleeves for sofa cushion covers that can’t go in the washing machine. 

Use water and an upholstery soap designed for your sofa cushion’s fabric to treat stains. 

Can you replace sofa cushion foam?

A sagging and lifeless sofa isn’t very inviting  - but there’s no need to invest in an entirely new piece of furniture. Replacing sofa cushions is cheaper and quicker than purchasing a new sofa.

Companies like Putnams offer professional sofa cushion refilling services that can instantly revive old, worn-out cushions so they’re plush and comfortable once again.

Replacing sofa cushion filling with high-quality foam helps extend the life of your cushions and keep your furniture out of the landfill.

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How to replace sofa cushion foam?

Let Putnams revive your old sofa cushions.

We collect from your door.

Our team will collect your covers for £10 from your doorstep. We can collect from anywhere in mainland UK. Call us now for a quote on refilling your cushions. All we need is your maximum width, length and thickness of each cushion.

If you want to go ahead from there we can take £10 payment and organise a collection of your covers on a weekday that suits you. You simply make sure to package them and the driver will give you a label when he arrives.

Once we get your covers.

Once we have the covers we remeasure and re quote. If at this state you are unhappy we send you back your cushion covers for free. If you do want to go ahead we take payment, advise on turn-around time and your cushion covers go into the job queue to be refilled. 

Once your cushions are finished we package them up (with your covers on) and send them back to you via courier.

Our foam.

We use a variety of British-made, high-quality foam sofa inserts based on your preferences. The foam inserts are an affordable alternative to purchasing a new sofa, and they’ll make your sofa more comfortable and durable.

Simply call or email us for a quote now and to get started. 01752 345678 -

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