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Buckwheat Hull Pillows - FAQs

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a pillow. For many sleepers, buckwheat pillows provide unbeatable night time comfort while being eco-friendly. Buckwheat pillows are ideal for side and back sleepers. The height can be adjusted by removing and replacing hulls.

Putnams answers all of your buckwheat pillow questions.

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What is a buckwheat pillow?

A buckwheat pillow, also called a sobakawa pillow (a traditional japanese pillow), is a pillow that’s filled with small buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls come from a seed-like grain that’s naturally found in Asia.

The hulls are firm, heat-resistant, and allergen-resistant. They’ve become a natural alternative to traditional pillow fillings like polyester, memory foam, microbeads, and shredded latex.

Organic buckwheat hull pillow 2 covers zipped adjustable

Why should you use a buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat pillows offer a lot of amazing benefits that can improve your sleep quality and protect the environment.

Buckwheat is a plant grown globally, and many people love that it’s a natural alternative to bedding materials like latex and memory foam. Although people can be allergic to buckwheat, it’s often a good solution for people who suffer from allergies to cotton, latex, and down.

From a comfort standpoint, many back and side sleepers love the firm support that buckwheat pillows provide. They’re also naturally cooling and breathable, so it’s easy to regulate your sleep temperature.

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How long does a buckwheat pillow last?

Buckwheat pillows are incredibly durable - some people have had their pillows for 10 to 20 years!

You can extend the life of your buckwheat pillow by periodically replacing the buckwheat hulls and keeping the case clean (regular washing).

What does a buckwheat pillow feel like?

A buckwheat pillow is firm, but still easily conforms to your head and neck. The husks inside feel slightly like a beanbag, and they will make a little noise when you move around.

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How do you clean/wash a buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat hulls should never go near water.

If you need to wash your pillow, remove the cover and follow the care instructions on the label. For the hulls you can lay them out in the sun to air them out or bag them up and put them in the freezer. Both techniques kill bacteria.

Organic buckwheat hull pillow how to clean it?

How do you adjust a buckwheat pillow?

Quality buckwheat pillows come stuffed pretty full, which can be a little too much of a good thing for some sleepers. To adjust the pillow, simply remove some of the buckwheat filling until you achieve a comfortable level.

Hold on to the extra hulls to refill your pillow if you ever want to revive it.

organic buckwheat hull pillow 2 covers UK made

What is the best buckwheat pillow?

We may be a little biased, but the Putnams Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow is a customer favourite.

The pillow is made with 100% organic buckwheat husks with two 100% natural cotton covers (one to hold the buckwheat and an outer cover for regular washing). It’s easy to adjust, offers firm support, and comes with two zipped covers.

We fill our pillow to the brim so it is recommended you remove some hulls and store them for future use when your pillow first arrives.

When shopping for a buckwheat pillow, try to find organic materials and quality covers (we guarantee our pillow for 1 year).

Where can I buy a buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat pillows have become extremely popular. Putnams have received a lot of interest and many order since the Buckwheat Pillow (Japanese pillow) was launched.  We offer free standard delivery to mainland UK.



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    Message for Bubbles:
    Hallo, I was just talking to you about your Putnam pillows. Then, browsing your site further, I came across your buckwheat pillows, and I’m torn. I used to live in Japan, and when I first came back I looked for a buckwheat pillow, gave up and looked for a bean bag(!), gave up and reverted to UK ways! What do you think are the pros and cons of buckwheat vs foam/memory foam, and on what basis should one choose? I’d be interested to know. Many thanks.

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