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SCS sofa Cushion Refills

Posted on January 04 2017

SCS - sofa cushion services
With Christmas and the New Year finally behind us you might have noticed guests sitting uncomfortably on an older sofa with loose lumpy fillings. Have you thought about replacing the fillings with high quality, comfortable long lasting foam?
So what’s the price?
In the end, it all depends on the size of your sofa, but either way you will save hundreds compared to buying a new sofa. All we need to know is the length, width and height of your seat or cushion and we can give you a quote on the phone there and then.
A selection of foams
Personalise your sofa with our wide range of 11 different foams that can be laminated together. You’ll be able to choose a firmness that suits your comfort preferences; we can even send a sample of different foams to squeeze and test, you could even clean the car with them too!
Keeping the sofa’s shape
With 35 years of experience in refilling sofa cushions, we know how to fit the foam perfectly. We recommend using a combination of foam, fibre and stockinet, causing the foam to fill the cushion into each corner, even on L-shaped cushions. Our professional foamsperts (foam-experts) can even corner and bevel the foam allowing for smooth round fluid edges giving your sofa its comfy look and original style back.
Local to Plymouth
If you’re local to Plympton (Eastern outskirts of Plymouth) then pop into our showroom where you can try out different comforts of foam to suit your comfort taste.
Not local?
Not an Issue!  If you simply send us your cushion covers and we’ll do the rest, just don’t forget to include a phone number and an address. If you want a rough quote before you send the cushions then simply measure the length, width and height of your cushions and give us a call.
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We are in no way affiliated with SCS.
Please note we do not offer a re-upholstery / re-covering service for your cushions.
Written by : Rheece Mills

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