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How To Use A V Pillow - 5 Different Ways

V shaped pillows are handy pillows to keep in the home. Their versatility enables them to be used in a variety of ways to support you in different positions.

Here, we clearly lay out the 5 best ways to use the V-pillow. 

1. Recovery position

recovery position pillow cushions between the knees Putnams

Sleeping in the recovery position keeps your spine supported, allowing your muscles to recover during sleep. Keeping a V pillow between your legs in this way stops your pelvis twisting and keeps your hips aligned.

2. Working from bed

working from bed table cushion laptop rest Putnams UK

The new-normal when working from home. The V pillow can rest under your tablet or working device, to raise it up when working in bed. Having your laptop at the right height reduces strain on the neck and shoulders.

Maybe change out of your sleepwear before going on a zoom call?

3.Cuddle Pillow

Cuddle Pillow Putnams reduces anxiety Cushion Putnams UK

Cuddling a V pillow can reduce feelings of anxiety. Not only suitable for the bed, this position can be taken to the sofa as well. 

4. Adult nest

Adult nest pillow baby nest for adults Putnams UK comfort

Ever seen a baby nest and wish they made one bigger? Use the V pillow under your knees to cradle yourself asleep. 

5. Sitting up (TV, Working, and tablet)

Sitting up in bed for feeding drinking sleep comfort Pillow cushion Putnams UK

Placing the V pillow behind you supports your back when sitting up in bed. This can be useful for people working in bed, eating, drinking or watching TV.

Other uses: pregnancy

pregnancy pillow

A V pillow can also be used for breastfeeding or bottle feeding a baby, and post surgery to aid in recovery.

v pillow where to buy in the UK Putnams reviews best reviewed

The Putnam V pillow is made in the UK and comes with a 1 year guarantee. It comes with a zipped, washable super soft velour cover. Putnams has over 3400+ reviews (at time of blog edit 03.01.23).

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