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DFS sofa cushion refilling / replacement.

Posted on August 07 2015

dfs sofa cushion repair replacement refilling sponge foam fiber wrap dacron webbing

Extend the life of your sofa. Does constant fluffing and rearranging of your current sofa's cushion fillings drive you insane? Not to fear. Here at Putnams we offer a sofa cushion re-filling service with our large range of different foam densities (soft-firm). We have a foam type to suit everyone. 

our showroom show sofa

Our show room sofa, try our different foams, pick from 6 cushions:
-Luxury soft
- Soft
- Medium Soft
- Medium
- Firm
- Very Firm
We can replace all brands of sofa cushion filling.

So how much does it cost?

It all depends on the size of your sofa cushions. For a quick quote ring us up and let us know the Length, Width and Height of your sofa cushions as well as your preference in foam density (soft? medium soft? medium? medium firm? firm? extra firm?) and we can give you a quote over the phone. If your happy to go ahead and are local:

We welcome you to our showroom (we are in Plympton (outskirts of Plymouth)) where you can try sitting on multiple grades of foam to find the one just right for you (just like Goldilocks). Do you and your partner prefer different firmness' ? We can fill different cushions with different densities of foam to suit you both.

If you aren't local to us you can either go ahead right there and then or you can send your covers to us to ensure our foamsperts (foam-experts) fill them to fit.

sofa cushion repair replacement refill dfs

We wrap all sofa cushions in fiber to give them a rounder look and fill out the sofa covers. All our foam is British Made and British Cut. It also adheres to all relevant fire standards for you and your families peace of mind.

If you are having sofa cushions refilled we will also require an inside arm to arm measurement of your sofa to ensure your sofa cushions fit snuggly together with no gaps.

If you have any questions we welcome you to either call or pop in to see us.

Please note we do not offer a re upholstery / re-covering service for your cushions.

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  • Kirsty johnston : July 21, 2017

    Hi, is there any where I can send you pictures of the sofa I have and you let me know a quote on replacing all cushions?

  • Tracy campbell: December 18, 2016

    Hello, I recently bought a pioneer large 2 seater sofa x2 from dfs and I am not happy with the hollow fibre cushions, just the ones you sit on, how much would they be to replace I would need 4, and you can get the measurements from there site, I have only had it 4 weeks

    Thank you

  • M. Gardner: September 29, 2016

    Thank you so much for my lovely sofa cushions. They have been brought back to life just in time for a dinner party I am hosting. Very comfortable and no longer sagging in the middle with no support. Very Happy. Margery G

  • Sally Beet: September 07, 2016

    Thank you Putnams, super happy with my suite now, finally looks plump and how I wanted it to look (no thanks to DFS who wanted to charge £££££££!!!). Thank you Hedley Putnam for all your help and advice! Recommending to all my family in Devon. X Sal

  • Peter Gore: December 07, 2015

    Thanks for refilling my sofa cushions, they look great really happy I don’t have to fluff them up every day! – Thanks Putnams

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