We Can Cut Your Mattress To Any Size

Being a British Manufacturer has many upsides including supporting the local economy, increasing local employment and making our products to high standards.
We can also make and cut existing mattresses into specific sizes to fit any awkward spaces.
Do you need a mattress for an oddly shaped sleeping space? A boat, truck, caravan or tent this Summer?
tent for summer
We can cut any of our mattresses down to any size for you or make you a bespoke mattress with our multiple foam grades. Alternatively you can choose an existing mattress from our website and ask for that to be cut down.
For a bespoke mattress either call (01752 345678) or email us info@putnams.co.uk
with your dimensions (W x H x L) or a general description of what you are after.
large bed

You can also sleep in peace knowing that all our bedding grade foams are British made & cut and adhere to all British Fire standards.

See below for our standard bed sizes.

bed sizes


  • Putnams

    We are able to cut down a mattress if it is made of foam only. We are unable to cut down anything that contains springs unfortunately.

  • andres lareu

    Last year I bought a very good spring and firm foam mattress, but due to space issues, I need to reduce it from king size to double size. Could you give me a quote on how much this could cost?

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