How To Stop Acid Reflux (Heart Burn / GERD / GORD / Silent Reflux)

The Putnams Bed Wedge is ideal for stopping the painful and annoying side effects of Acid Reflux (GERD / GORD / Silent Reflux) whilst sleeping at night. Unlike many other treatments the use of a bed wedge is non-invasive and in the long run more cost effective than many other treatment methods. As you can see from the diagram the angle of the bed wedge gently tilts your upper torso and naturally keeps acid from your stomach creeping up during sleep and causing discomfort.
Acid reflux bed wedge
Unlike other bed wedges ours is specifically designed to be at the optimum angle for preventing the symptoms of acid reflux with a back height of 15cm (6”). They are also fairly long in length meaning that a gentle angle can be achieved and therefore they do not feel unnatural / uncomfortable to sleep on.
Putnams acid reflux bed wedge
We now offer the Putnams Bed Wedge in Memory Foam (1” top layer of memory foam) (click here) as well as the high density orthopaedic foam option (click here). We also sell spare covers on our website (click here).spacer iconspacer icon

For more natural ways to stop acid reflux click here.

Acid reflux bed wedge

**Consult a doctor before making any serious changes to your lifestyle. Although this product helps a lot of people it may not stop acid reflux in everyone.

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