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Tree Planted - for every order over £60
Tree Planted - for every order over £60

Memory Foam Back Support


Our new lumbar support helps ease lumbar pain and backache and stays in place without fixing straps.

Memory foam core for ultimate pressure relief and support for your back.

Simply place the back support over the back of your chair and adjust up or down until maximum support is felt in your lumbar region. The simple counterbalance will hold the posture cushion in place so there is no need to keep adjusting it. This also makes the cushion ideal to swap quickly between chairs.

   British Made.

It is ideal to relieve lumbar pain and is suitable for home, office and car seats. The back support is light, portable and most importantly very comfortable. Cover made from durable velour.

Complete with Velour cover.

Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm (12'' x 8'') - (2 1/4" at thickest)

2 Year Guarantee.