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What is a Knee Pillow?

A knee pillow is simply a small supportive pillow that sits between your knees to help improve hip and spinal alignment while sleeping.

Putnams have a selection of knee pillows with various fillings to choose from.

Our knee pillows are supplied with an adjustable velcro strap which can be fastened around either leg and helps to keep the support pillow in place.

knee pillow for support from Putnams

Are Knee Pillows any good?

Knee pillows are extremely effective in keeping your knees apart, relieving pelvic pain and helping to keep your spine and hips aligned.  The support pillow is designed to reduce discomfort in the knees and hips by keeping the legs slightly apart.

 Which Knee Pillows are available?

knee pillows foam buckwheat wool filling for support

Standard Foam Knee Pillow:   Made in our standard foam, which provides soft, comfortable support.

Memory Foam Knee Pillow:  Made in our higher density pressure relieving memory foam for a slightly firmer feel.

Wool Filled Knee Pillow:   This knee pillow has a British wool filling which is natural and sustainable. Wool can be removed from the pillow to achieve the required amount of support for you.

Buckwheat Hulls Knee Pillow:  A knee pillow with an organic buckwheat hull filling.   These hulls can also be removed from the pillow to achieve the required amount of support that you need.

buckwheat hull organic wool knee pillow

How to Sleep with a Knee Pillow?

Simply place the support pillow between your knees and secure the velcro strap around one of your legs to hold it in place while you are sleeping or relaxing.  The knee pillow can also be used to provide comfort while sitting in a chair or bed or using a wheelchair if required.

When can a Knee Pillow help? 

Knee pillows are often recommended to help with:

  • Sciatica Pain
  • Joint, knee and hip problems
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Preventing hip abduction (following hip arthroplasty)
  • Housemaids knee (bursitis)
  • Improving posture and spinal alignment
  • Osgood - Schlatters disease
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (Pelvic girdle pain)
  • Compressed discs in the spine

Buying a Knee Pillow from Putnams

We have been manufacturing knee pillows for over 40 years and our designs offer long lasting comfort. 

Each knee pillow is supplied with a cover (extras can be purchased if required)

Putnams offer a 2 year guarantee on their knee pillows.


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