The benefits of a wood duvet, why use one heat cool, natural.

The Benefits of a Wool Duvet

For over 40 years we have been making products to improve comfort and sleep. It was a natural step to look at everything in the bed including the duvet you sleep with. We are excited to finally announce that we have partnered with a Devon wool supplier to produce our own duvet. Of course we wanted to tap into our existing experienced sewing team and keep it made in the UK. The majority of duvets sold in the UK are made from polyester fibre and are made overseas. We considered feather duvets but compared them to wool and we knew which way we wanted to go. We opted for 100% British wool from Devon farms.

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet

Key Benefits:

No Chemicals

The most important benefit is the lack of chemicals. Wool is a natural product and is naturally fire retardant. This means that no chemical treatments are needed for it to comply with British fire regulations. Some manufacturers add chemicals (PLA, PES etc.) to assist with loft, bonding, bleaching and chemical cleaning. The wool in our duvets is 100% chemical free allowing you  and your family to sleep with peace of mind.

Temperature Control

Wool has fantastic thermal and temperature controlling properties that enable you to stay warm in winter and cool in Summer. Wool is naturally breathable and self regulating meaning that the natural fibres help against overheating and moisture control. Many people can use one duvet year round however we do offer different weights to suit your individual needs.

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet

100% British Wool

A large proportion of wool sold on the UK market comes from outside the UK. We only use 100% British wool that we can trace back to farms in Devon. Reducing the carbon footprint of the completed duvets journey from field to bed.

100% British Made

Some suppliers use British wool however manufacture outside of the UK. All our duvets are made in the UK by skilled craftspeople.

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet


Great to know if you have sensitive skin.


Sheep are incredible, their wool repels bacteria. It is also anti dust mite and resistant to mould spores. 

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet


Wool duvets are also biodegradable at the end of their life cycle meaning they are better for the environment.

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet uk made

Frequently asked questions:

How to wash a wool duvet?

Not all wool duvets can be washed, you will need to check the sewn in label. All of our woolen duvets can be washed. Please see washing instructions for details (special wool wash setting).

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet

Are wool duvets any good?

Seeing as you spend 33% of your life in bed investing in your sleep set up is important. Synthetic and poly blend components should be kept out of the bed. It is recommended you sleep with natural components including pillows, mattress toppers, sheets and your duvet.

Wool duvets are; temperature and moisture controlling, hypoallergenic, natural, anti-bacterial, anti dust mite, mould resistant and have been show in a study to help you sleep 25% better. All our wool duvets can be machine washed (check washing label for more information). All our wool comes from British farms and all our duvets are made in the UK.

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet uk made

Which is the best wool duvet?

When looking for a wool duvet you should look where it is made, how it is made, what chemicals are used in production, can the wool be traced back to a farm, what guarantee is offered etc. We have spent the last 5 years perfecting our wool duvet with over 40 years design and manufacturing experience from our Devon factory. Our skilled team of crafts people have developed our wool duvet to be made exclusively from Devon wool, made in the UK, with no chemical additives. We also guarantee our duvet for 2 years however it will long outlive this guarantee period. 

Putnams Natural 100% British Wool Duvet

What weight or tog of wool duvet should I buy?

Tog is the thermal rating on duvets. It measures the ability to retain heat. A 300gsm wool duvet equates to a tog of 5 or 6. This rating is suitable for British summers. A 600gsm wool duvet equates to a tog of 10 or 12 and is typically used in British winters. It is easy to have a 600gsm duvet all year round as wool has better breathability compared to standard synthetic duvets.

How long does a wool duvet last?

Are wool duvets any good?

Wool duvets have been shown by a study to improve sleep by 25%. See above for the generous list of benefits. The main benefit is that a wool duvet is all natural. When picking bedding it is important to think about the materials you are surrounding yourself with for 33% of your life. Avoiding chemicals and buying natural is always best.

View the product before for more information. Available in all standard UK sizes, contact us direct for bespoke sizes.


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