Side Sleeping Pillow - Best Side Sleepers Pillow UK

Side Sleeping Pillow - Best Side Sleepers Pillow UK

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Sleeping on side pillow

Did you know that different pillows are recommended if you are a side, back or front sleeper? Different sleep positions need pillows that support your body is different ways.

Putnam Pillow

Side sleepers pillow neck pain

If you are suffering with neck pain you need a pillow that holds its shape. Typically a foam or memory foam pillow has more structure to it; taking pressure off your shoulder, neck and spine. 

side sleeper pillow UK

Best side sleeper pillow

For side and back sleeping we recommend the Putnam Pillow. It comes in a variety of thicknesses based on your build and height preference (Royal size for those preferring the height of one standard pillow, King size for those that prefer two standard pillows). Take our Putnam Pillow quiz here.

The Putnam Pillow:

  • Handmade in Devon, UK
  • Recommended by Physios, OT's and Chiropractors
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Over 300 verified customer reviews
  • Available in different thicknesses depending on your build
  • Ear recess (take pressure off ear)
  • Stops tingling arms

The Putnam pillow

handmade in the UK Putnams side sleeper pillow

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