Products for Mobility and Wellbeing

Products for Mobility and Wellbeing

Wellbeing: “The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”.

Putnams products are designed with comfort in mind.  All of our products are created to provide relief from aches and pains, improve posture or to help reduce associated discomfort and symptoms from on going medical conditions.

V pillow Putnams wellbeing drop ship products uk made devonPutnams supply a large range of products to mobility shops throughout the UK and Europe. A number of these customers have told us that they are re-branding as Wellness Centres due to the increased attention on links between mobility and wellbeing among people of all ages.

Improved sleep is a key element to better health and wellbeing. Our range of Bed Wedges are extremely effective in relieving painful symptoms such as acid reflux or heartburn. Recommended by the Oesophageal Patients Association, the Putnams Bed Wedge elevates the upper part of the body reducing associated discomfort and sleep disruption due to acid seeping upwards. The Bed Wedge can also help to reduce snoring and is ideal to improve comfort for sufferers of hiatus hernia, rhinitis, glaucoma, vertigo and respiratory problems.

bed wedge Putnams wellbeing drop ship products uk made devon

Our highly recommended Putnam Pillow is another top selling product and has been recommended by chiropractors for over 38 years to those suffering from aches and pains in the neck and shoulders whilst sleeping. The orthopaedic foam pillow is designed to align the spine while lying in bed reducing pain, numbness and discomfort to allow for a better night’s sleep.

Many people have felt low, depressed and frustrated as a result of experiencing aches and pains.  Improving comfort and finding relief can instantly lift your mood or mobility which in turn will hopefully lead to increased wellbeing. 

ripple mattress topper Putnams wellbeing drop ship products uk made devon

Other popular products to improve comfort include:

Pressure Relief Cushions: Egg box type foam seat cushions to relieve coccyx pain, sciatica, prostate pain, anal soreness, vulvodynia pain or similar. These pressure relief cushions are also very popular following surgery to aid healing and comfort.

Mattress Toppers: Ripple egg box foam, memory foam or latex toppers to improve comfort, relieve pressure and encourage a good night's sleep

Sitting Wedges: To improve posture and provide a comfortable working position while seated, easing back pain and discomfort.

Back and Lumbar Supports: To prevent or reduce back pain by aligning your spine while seated.

kneeling chair Putnams wellbeing drop ship products uk made devon

We offer competitive trade prices for those mobility and wellbeing specialists who are looking to stock and resell our products in their stores or on their website.

Putnams are also happy to offer a drop shipping service direct to your customers if you prefer, meaning that you can still benefit from our competitive trade pricing but we will pack and despatch your items to your clients. (A small delivery charge will apply for this service.)

See our full range of products here.

For more information or for a trade account opening form contact us now on +44 1752 345678 or email us

Open Monday - Friday 08:45-16:45.

body pillow Putnams wellbeing drop ship products uk made devon

Post written by Tracy S.

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