Pressure Relief Cushions - Your Questions Answered

Pressure Relief Cushions - Your Questions Answered

What are Pressure Relief Cushions?

Pressure Relief Cushions are a type of cushion designed to help prevent sores and provide comfort whilst seated for long periods of time.

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How do Pressure Relief Cushions work?

Pressure Relief Cushions distribute pressure evenly over a surface, reducing peak pressure points on the skip to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores and provide additional comfort while seated.

What are Pressure Sores?

Pressure sores (often referred to as pressure ulcers or bedsores) are areas of damaged skin or the underlying tissue, often caused by long periods of sitting.   

How do I use a Pressure Relief Cushion?

Quite, simply you can place the cushion on any chair or wheelchair to boost comfort and provide relief.  

thicker cushion for heavier individuals

What are the Putnams Pressure Relief Cushions made from?

The Sero Pressure range of Relief Cushions are made from high density CertiPUR® foam to support and disperse pressure while seated. 

The integral pockets of the rippled (or egg box style) foam allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, while the high profile foam helps eliminate numbness and relieves pressure points. Our cushions also come in regular or armchair sizes and different thicknesses for different weights. See our size guide here.

cut out pressure cushion why what does it do?

Which Pressure Relief Cushion should I choose?

As well as our Standard Sero Pressure Cushion, we also sell a selection of Relief Cushions with cut outs to help with a number of various conditions:

Pressure Cushion with Bonyparts Cut Out :  relieves pressure from the Ischial Tuberosity (particularly for those suffering from muscle wasting or acute weight loss).

Pressure Cushion with Coccyx Cut Out : relieves pressure at the base of the spine and helps relieve pelvic pain. Especially useful for Coccydynia sufferers (tailbone pain) or Coccyx bruising.

Pressure Cushion with Dr Huff Cut Outthe cut out on this cushion is positioned to aid comfort and relief for the following conditions:

discreet cut outs looks like a normal cushion

Stretch covers are supplied on all of our pressure cushion to ensure that each cut out remains discreet whilst still maintaining air-flow and pressure reduction qualities.

Putnams also have a collection of Ring Cushions  to aid comfort and provide pain relief from various conditions including:

  • Haemorrhoids
  • Post-natal pain
  • Hip bursitis
  • Prostate discomfort
  • Post-operative pain
  • Pregnancy discomfort
  • Anal pain

All of the Pressure Relief Cushions from Putnams are proudly made in Britain to a high specification and carry a 2 year guarantee.

suppliers to the NHS

 What our customers have to say! (We have over 1300+ verified reviews)

"I am so pleased with this pressure relief cushion, I have a health condition that makes sitting painful. I have tried lots of different cushions but none have helped, until this one"

"My husband said this cushion is excellent ,he has had prostate surgery and this cushion is invaluable for his comfort"

"I have been suffering with lower back pain for many years and this is the best solution I've ever found. The larger pressure cushion is great for use on armchairs as it fits the whole seat while the smaller version is good for smaller seats, like office chairs or to take while travelling"

"I've only had my Dr Huff relief cushion for a few weeks, but it's already made a huge positive difference to my comfort and pain levels. The design is ideal, allowing me to use the cushion in a variety of situations, including on my office swivel chair, dining chair, and even on the sofa"

"I’ve been suffering from coccyx pain after having my spine fused, my physio recommended that I purchase a “Putnams cushion” and it’s exactly what I needed, especially when travelling in the car"



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