Knee Pillow - Your Questions Answered

Knee Pillow - Your Questions Answered

knee pillow what does it do?

What is a knee pillow?

A knee pillow is a pillow or cushion that is used between the knees. Knee wedge pillows are most often made from a foam core with a soft cover. The best styles of knee pillows have a strap to hold the pillow in place either during transport (if used when sitting upright) or during sleep.

 knee pillow what does it do?

What does a knee pillow do?

A knee pillow keeps knees from knocking together and improves spinal and hip alignment as well as improving circulation to the legs and feet. A knee pillow can be used to improve posture during sleep or to fix knees apart and keep hips aligned. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons.


Improved circulation to legs and feet.

Improved Spinal alignment (reduced back pain).

Improved Hip alignment (reduced hip pain - especially during pregnancy).

For boney individuals a knee pillow stops knocking knees and discomfort caused by knees rubbing together during sleep (muscle wasting or malnutrition).

Knee pillows can help with: Sciatica, arthritis, bad back, hip pain, hip replacement, knee injury, knee replacement and knocking knees.

 wheelchair knee pillow leg separator

When to use a knee pillow?

Use of a knee pillow can be advised by a medical professional such as a chiropractor or a surgeon. Chiropractors can advise the use of a good knee pillow to correct spinal and hip alignment during sleep. Surgeons can recommend knee pillows post hip or knee surgery to keep the legs equidistance apart. Knee pillows can also be used in wheelchairs or when sitting upright to again keep the knees apart at a specific distance. See above section ‘What does a knee pillow do?’ for more information on how a knee pillow specifically helps certain conditions.

All of the Putnam knee pillows are class 1 medical devices and meet CE marking criteria. They also come with a 2 year guarantee of performance and are recommended by medical professionals throughout the world. 

knee pillow made in the UK

The Putnam Knee Pillow available to buy here.

Should I get a knee pillow with a strap?

A knee pillow that comes with a strap is advisable if you are going to be using the pillow during sleep. This is because when you sleep you can move about, if you use a knee pillow without a strap the pillow can become dislodged from its desired placement. A strap prevents this by holding the pillow in place. It is also advisable that the strap is adjustable so that you can use it on different parts of your leg and that it will fit your frame. The strap should form part of the cover and come included with the pillow. The Putnam knee pillow comes with a cotton cover with a built-in adjustable strap (Velcro fastening). The cover is zipped, removable and washable.

 side sleeper knee pillow

What is the best knee pillows for side sleepers?

Knee pillows are ideally suited for side-sleepers as the hips and spine can be out of alignment during sleep on one side. Back sleepers are less likely to use a knee pillow but some do to keep their legs kept apart during sleep. A knee pillow allows a side-sleeper to stack their knees correctly, improve hip alignment and therefore reduce hip and back pain. The Putnam knee pillow also comes with an adjustable strap to hold the knee pillow in place during sleep meaning that if you are to move or change sides the knee pillow will stay in place.

 knee pillow how to put it on use it

What is the best knee pillow for back pain?

Back pain can be caused by improper spinal and hip alignment during sleep. Keeping your spine straight is important in reducing back pain. Therefore a knee pillow can help you achieve this by reducing stress on the spine and hips and improving postural alignment.

How to use a knee pillow?

How you position or place your knee pillow is very important. See below guide on how to correctly use and position a knee pillow. Remember do not walk around with a knee pillow attached to you as it can cause you to trip and injure yourself.

how to use a knee pillow strap

What is the best knee pillow?

The best knee pillow will come with a removable, washable cover that includes a built in adjustable strap. A good knee pillow will also be toxin free (look for CertiPur certification) and come with a lengthy guarantee of performance. The Putnam knee pillow meets all this specification, is guaranteed for 2 years and is made in the UK. 

Where to buy a knee pillow?

You can buy our UK made knee pillows directly from our website here. We offer Nect day delivery and standard delivery options.


Putnam Knee Pillow

Should I use a knee pillow if pregnant?

A knee pillow can be used during pregnancy to help with back and hip pain during sleep. They are also great for pregnant women suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) also called pelvic girdle pain. It is a condition that causes pain in the pelvis and is thought to affect as many as 1 out of 50 pregnant women. A knee pillow helps to correctly align the hips during side-sleeping to reduce both hip and back pain.

Knee pillow reviews UK

We have many reviews of both our standard and memory foam knee pillows which are both made in our UK factory. Our knee pillows are also non toxic and CertiPur certified. Our knee pillow rates an average of 4.5 stars.



Putnams Knee Pillow

Using the knee pillow helps me have a comfortable night's sleep. Without it, I wake up in the night with aches in my thigh which makes it difficult to get back to sleep. The knee pillow is a simple and effective solution. I never have a night away from home without it.



Highly recommended

Bought this item to help with back problem at night and seems to be achieving desired result. Shown it to my osteopath who wholeheartedly approved.



Service excellent as was price

My husband has started using the knee support.Although he is finding it quite “different” .He beleves it has made a difference just in a few days .



aids good positioning

I am a physiotherapist and work in care homes. These pillows are useful to help gain some separation between tightened knees whilst clients are in bed and I have also found them beneficial to use with some clients when they are sitting. Ideally a wedged triangular shape would be better for seated position, but these are still a help.


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