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Is Golf Bad For Your Back?

X-factor style swing as used by many professionals has been linked to back problems. The technique allows pro's and amateurs alike to hit their ball further and harder but at the cost of placing additional strain on the back.

As golf has evolved as a sport so have the techniques used by the players. The build up and additional twisting of the spine for these "X-factor" shots (where the back-swing is taken further around) is twisting the lumbar spine leading to increased risk of repetitive traumatic discopathy (RTD) and back pain.

It is not just the back-swing causing damage to the spine but the down-swing and the "crunch" on the side of the spine when twisting at great speed and force to come back down and hit the ball.

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Are you a golfer that suffers from a bad back? Try a lumbar roll in your car/office seat to help you sit up straight. 

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