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How Is Our Wool Cleaned For Pillows & Duvets?

Do you ever wonder how your wool bedding gets from farm to your bed? We shed some further insight on how our British wool products are made.

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How do we clean the wool in our pillows and duvets?

Our wool is washed with water and detergent to clean it before being used to make our products. This process happens twice. Some producers use once washed wool which is cheaper.

Do wool duvets and pillows smell?

Because our British wool is twice washed it also has a reduced smell. The smell is dependent on many factors, but shouldn't take more thank a month or two to fade. Even quicker if the product is hung out on a line for a day to let it breathe.

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Wool in our duvets 

The wool in our duvets is also then carded which can remove even more impurities. Because wool is a natural product you can never remove everything completely however by twice washing we are confident in the cleanliness of the wool product we offer.

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British wool

We also only use British wool which carries some of the highest welfare standards in the world. All our wool is washed and processed in the UK and our products are all handmade in Devon.

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