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Here Are The Best Natural Pillows In The UK

Creating a luxurious sleeping environment with chemical-free materials makes it easier to get high quality rest each night. Choosing natural pillows is one way to ensure your bedtime routine is nourishing and healthy. 

What are natural pillows? 

Natural pillows are made with natural materials rather than synthetic or chemically treated bedding materials. They are better for your personal health and for the well-being of the environment. 

Putnams offers several types of natural pillows to choose from, but our favourites are our Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow and the Graphite Latex Pillow.

best natural pillows stacked up

Benefits of Putnams natural pillows

Many people may not think about what’s inside their pillow, but it’s something we all use every night. Taking the time to choose a pillow that’s made with natural and safe materials can bring you one step closer to a better night’s sleep, here’s why: 

latex production from the rubber tree

1. Organic and sustainable pillow materials protect the environment

It may not occur to you that your bedding can have a harmful impact on the environment, but the materials used in some pillows can be harmful to produce and disposed of. 

Putnams Graphite Latex Pillow and the Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow are made with biodegradable materials that won’t clog landfills. Plus, Putnams is committed to sustainable business practices, using locally sourced materials during production. 

The pillows come in washable-cotton cases, free of harmful chemicals and dyes; perfect for a luxurious and natural sleeping experience.

organic buckwheat growing in a field

2. Natural pillows can benefit allergy sufferers

Allergies are very common, and they can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. According to AllergyUK, 75% of UK adults and 88% of children with hay fever have trouble sleeping. 

The materials in your bedding could be part of the problem. Some fabrics and bedding materials trap dust and allergens inside their fibres where they can trigger allergies. 

Putnams Graphite Latex Pillow is a natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial pillow that will keep allergies and dust mites at bay. Hence, keeping your bedding clean and safe without adding potentially harmful chemicals. 

3. Adjustable natural pillows make it easier to get comfortable

Researchers at the UK’s Sleep Charity recommend pillows that hold your head at the same angle in relation to your shoulders as it would be if you were standing straight up. Pillows that are too firm or too soft place your head at an awkward angle that can cause headaches, neck pain, and stiffness. 

Putnams natural pillows are easy to adjust for any type of sleeper.

Graphite Latex height adjustable pillow

graphite latex pillow foam like replacement support bouncy natural rubber no chemicals

The Adjustable Graphite Latex Pillow has height options between 2.5 cm and 10 cm. 

Organic buckwheat hull pillow

organic buckwheat hull pillow two covers British made uk

The Organic Buckwheat Pillow is even easier to adjust to the perfect height by simply removing any extra buckwheat hulls.

British Wool height adjustable pillow

British wool height adjustable pillow Devon Putnams UK

The Height adjustable British Wool Pillow has 6 layers of wool pads. They are easily removable depending on your preferred pillow height.

made by hand in devon

See what has set Putnams apart for four decades

Each Putnams Natural Pillow is made by hand and with care by our team in Devon. 

For 40 years, Putnams has produced quality comfort products that are recommended by medical professionals.  

The family-owned company is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Putnams has partnered with several environmental groups, uses environmentally friendly materials, and chooses locally sourced products whenever possible. 


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