Hair Transplant Pillow - Post Op - What Are The Benefits?

Hair Transplant Pillow - Post Op - What Are The Benefits?

Are you planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery to regain your lost hair and confidence? Post-surgery recovery is a crucial phase that requires utmost care and attention. At Putnams, we have developed our facial surgery recovery pillow specifically to aid your hair transplant recovery process and accelerate your healing journey. In this blog post, we will explore the unique features of our pillow and offer additional tips to improve your recovery process.

hair transplant pillow to sleep afterwards on back keeps you that wayhair transplant pillow to keep you on your back post surgery

The Pillow: Your Ideal Companion for Recovery

  1. Ergonomic Design: It is recommended to sleep on your back with you head elevated above your heart. Our pillow's innovative U shaped design cradles the head, keeping you on your back, preventing any undue strain on the grafts. The wedged shape, thicker towards the back, ensures gentle elevation of your head. For further elevation team our pillow with a bed wedge (travel version here with carry bag).

  1. Foam Material: The pillow's core is made from high-quality foam, which offers the perfect balance of support and softness. It cradles your head while providing optimal ventilation to prevent overheating during your recovery.

  2. Fitted Cover: We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment after the surgery. Our pillow comes with a fitted cover that is easy to remove and machine washable (hand wash cycle), ensuring a fresh surface to rest your head each night (spare covers available).

optional bed wedge pillow to further elevate your head above your hearthair transplant healing pillow sleep on back

The Benefits:

  1. Minimise Swelling and Discomfort: Elevating your head above the heart with our specialised pillow helps reduce post-surgery swelling, which is a common side effect of hair transplant procedures. By offering gentle support, it aids in mitigating discomfort and promotes a faster recovery.

  2. Protect the Grafts: The U-shaped cutout ensures that you remain on your back while sleeping, safeguarding the newly transplanted hair grafts from accidental contact or displacement. This added protection is crucial for the successful integration of the grafts.

  3. Encourage Proper Healing: The ergonomically designed pillow promotes better blood circulation and oxygen flow to the scalp, encouraging faster healing of the transplanted area. It also assists in preventing any potential complications that might arise from improper sleeping positions.

Other Tips for an Optimal Recovery:

  1. Follow Post-Op Care Instructions: Adhering to your surgeon's post-op care guidelines is of utmost importance. From medication schedules to avoiding certain activities, strict compliance will facilitate a smoother recovery.

  2. Stay Hydrated and Maintain a Nutritious Diet: A well-hydrated body aids in healing, while a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals nourishes your scalp and hair follicles, supporting their growth.

  3. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Both smoking and alcohol consumption can hinder the healing process and jeopardise the results of your hair transplant. It is best to abstain from these habits during your recovery.

  4. Gentle Hair Care: Follow your surgeon's recommendations for washing and caring for your transplanted hair. Use mild, recommended products and avoid applying direct pressure to the grafts.

All our pillows are designed and handmade in the UK (Devon factory).

all our pillows are designed and manufactured in the UK

A successful hair transplant not only brings back your hair but also renews your confidence and self-esteem. Investing in a specialised pillow from Putnams can significantly enhance your recovery process and protect your precious grafts. The ergonomic design, foam material, and fitted cover all work together to ensure you receive the support and comfort needed for an optimal recovery. Alongside using our pillow, remember to adhere to your surgeon's instructions and practice good post-op care to experience the best possible results. Take this transformative step towards a brighter future with our revolutionary recovery pillow.

Note: we advise you ask your surgeon before using this pillow.

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