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Christmas Buying Guide For Older Family Relations; Grandma & Grandpa

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It is always a struggle to find gifts for your loved ones, knowing what they would like can always be tricky. Why not think outside the box and give them the gift of comfort this Christmas?

As we get older we inevitably have more problems getting comfortable, be it sitting, sleeping or back pain. You could just get them a jumper or some socks but we think comfort is the best gift to give, one that will keep giving throughout the year.

Here are our top comfort products:


Cuddle Pillow:

This snuggly U shaped Pillow will give your loved one support all year round, propping them up in their favourite armchair or in bed, allowing them to watch TV, read a book / newspaper or browse on their iPad without straining their neck and back. It is also ideal to keep them warm and comforted by having padding either side of them. Removable, washable cover. British Made.



Sero Pressure Cushion:

The ultimate in seating cushions! This cushion is an office favourite here at Putnam HQ and one of our best selling products. Making any seating surface comfortable the light weight, portable Sero cushions is a must have for anyone and in any chair (including wheelchairs). Available in different sizes to fit their favourite study chair, armchair, car seat etc. Removable, washable cover. British Made.



Lumbar Support:

The Putnam Lumbar Support range offer back pain relief by targeting the problematic lumbar region of the back. Simply attach to any seat by passing the adjustable strap around the back of any chair. Ideal for cars, office and dining chairs. Removable, washable cover. British Made.

If you have any useful gift ideas please share in the comments section or with us on Social Media.


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