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Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) ear recess pillow with neck support

CNH Ear Pillow Recess

Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) also known as Winkler disease is a painful ear inflammation that causes an uncomfortable bump on the external cartilage around the ear. It can be caused by prolonged pressure on the ear. It is common with hospitalised/bed bound patients who spend long periods of time lying on either side.

The Putnam pillow is designed with an ear recess where the ear would normally rest on the top surface of the pillow. The ear recess takes pressure off the ear and is therefore helpful in the recovery of CNH.

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We have had direct feedback from CNH sufferers that this pillow has helped them:

At last a product that has been thoroughly thought through …after a prolonged period of disturbed and poor-quality sleep I have become desperate to find a solution. So after a week or so of using this pillow, at last I am able to sleep. Whether or not this will work in the long term only time will tell. … The quality and shape of the foam is the key to Putnams quality.” – Ian P

As well as the ear recess the Putnam pillow also has contours which allow even pressure distribution to the head as well as allowing heat to escape. It is also recommended and sold by the NHS as well as many medical professionals globally.

The pillow also comes in three thicknesses (Child, Royal and King). The Child is recommended for children or petite adults, the Royal for those who prefer to sleep on one pillow and the King for those that prefer two+ pillows.

It is available in standard or memory foam. Memory foam is very firm, the standard is of medium density.



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