Bespoke Cut Foam Seating & Mattresses For VW camper vans

camper van motor home foam sponge vw seating mattress bed

Down in Devon, Cornwall and the South West in general we see a lot of VW camper vans headed to the beach for short and long trips all year round. We also see a lot in our parking lot at Putnams HQ for replacement foam for seating and mattresses. Did you know we cut bespoke seating and mattresses to size? 

We also stock multiple foam grades (including memory foam) so like Goldilocks you can select the right firmness / softness just for you. Don't worry if you aren't sure we can guide you through the process.

Interested? We thought so! Call our lovely people (with your measurements) for an instant quote over the phone or better yet pop into our factory show room and try our different foams out.

Don't have a VDUB? No problem we cut foam seating and mattresses for many many different types of vehicle including motor homes, static caravans and mobile homes. We also do sofa cushion replacement, outdoor seating, pallet seating cushions, dining chair pads and just about any type of foam seating / mattresses.

Tel: 01752 345678

Directions: See Below.

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