Armchair Head Rest Cushions - Your Questions Answered

Armchair Head Rest Cushions - Your Questions Answered

armchair head rest cushions your questions answered

What is a Head Rest Cushion?

The Putnams Rest-a-Head Armchair Neck Cushion is a supportive cushion filled with a combination of foam and polyester fibre and supplied with a soft velour cover.  The Neck Support Cushion is supplied with either standard foam or memory foam.

Why use a Rest-a-Head Armchair Cushion?

The Rest-a-Head Armchair Neck Cushion offers a great deal of support to the neck and head when sitting upright in any high-backed chair. The support is fully adjustable up or down for individual comfort and support. A popular choice for use when watching TV, snoozing or reading in an armchair.

How to use a Head Rest Support Cushion?

Simply place your Rest-a-Head over the back of your armchair, recliner chair or high backed chair.  The product has a weighted back allowing for the height of the Head Support Cushion to be easily adjusted up or down when required. Our support is fully adjustable to the individual. Simply un-zip the cover and unwind the inner fiber filling, cutting it to your desired level of comfort.

What is a Head Rest Cushion used for?

To aid comfort and provide support to the head and neck when:

  • Watching TV
  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Sleeping in a recliner chair

The Rest-a-Head support cushion is portable and can also be used over the back of your bed headboard or on a bed if desired.

What colour is the Rest-a-Head?

The Rest-a-Head Armchair Support Cushion is supplied with a velour cover.

The cover is available in either Beige or Black.

What our customers have to say!

Here are just a handful of comments from our happy customers:

"Very pleased with this headrest, that stays in place where ever you put it"

"The headrest is very comfortable and I am thinking of purchasing another one to use on another chair"

"My husband loves it, very comfortable and does not slip about due to the weight at the back"

"Pure Excellence!  So easy to place to get the correct positioning and it matches my new cream rise and recliner chair perfectly.
Well designed and packaged prompt delivery"



Where to buy a Rest-a-Head Armchair Head Rest?

The Rest-a-Head is available to purchase on our website.

We are also happy to take an order for a Rest-a-Head Armchair Head Rest over the telephone, simply call 01752 345678.

Putnams also have a showroom in Plymouth, Devon where you can view and purchase any of our products.  We would also be happy to point you in the right direction of our many stockists throughout the UK.

If you would like any advice regarding our products, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01752 345678 or email us 

We will be happy to help!

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