Are Latex Mattress Toppers Any Good? What Is A Latex Topper?

Are Latex Mattress Toppers Any Good? What Is A Latex Topper?

What is a latex mattress topper?

place on top of any mattress latex mattress topper UK graphite chemical free natural foam alternative

A latex mattress topper is made from a foam like material. Latex mattress toppers can be made from either synthetic, natural or a combination of both types of latex. Latex mattress toppers spring back to shape like foam.

You can also buy graphite latex mattress toppers which contain latex mixed with graphite which makes it naturally fire retardant without any of the chemicals needed to pass British fire standards.

To use, simply place the topper on top of your existing mattress beneath a sheet or mattress protector. 

Are Latex mattress toppers any good?

what density firmness is a latex mattress topper? Putnams UK

Latex mattress toppers can vary in density. Our graphite latex mattress toppers is on the firm side at 85 kg/m². This means that placing on top of any mattress will add a firm layer of support.

Purchasing a topper is a cheaper way to improve any mattress rather than buying a new one. Placing our firm graphite latex mattress topper on your existing mattress will firm it up. A firm mattress is recommended by health professionals for a bad back. 

What are the benefits of graphite latex?

what is graphite infused latex mattress topper pillow Putnams UK Comfortable? Firm mattress topper

Graphite latex mattress toppers are grey in appearance instead of the usual cream. The graphite is mixed with the latex to make the material fire retardant (FR) without the need for any FR chemicals.

Note: it is required by British law for your mattress topper to meet British fire standards.

Graphite latex is cool to touch and our topper has in built cooling channels to allow airflow.


We also hand make a graphite latex pillow that is height adjustable.

Graphite latex height adjustable pillow made in the uk foam alternative feels like foam supportive

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