5 reasons to get your sofa cushions refilled Putnams devon foam saggy cushions

5 Reasons To Get Your Sofa Cushions Refilled

New foam filling can revive your tired, old settee.

If your sofa is looking old and saggy instead of luxurious and inviting, it may be time to have your sofa cushions professionally refilled.

Your sofa is an everyday gathering place for everyone in your home - making it an important piece of furniture to maintain. However, all of that regular use wears down the cushion filling, leaving your sofa looking dull and lifeless.

We offer a nationwide sofa cushion refilling service in a variety of foam densities. We can even arrange to collect your cushion covers for £10. Contact us with your cushion sizes for a quote now 01752 345678 info@putnams.co.uk

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Here’s why you should refill your sofa cushions with foam:

1. Your sofa will look its best once again

A saggy, old sofa is hardly an inviting sight. It’s not only uncomfortable to sit on, but also makes your room home look messy and neglected.

Refilling your sofa cushions will instantly revive your sofa’s appearance and create a welcoming space for your friends and family to spend time in. Top off your plush sofa cushions with a few throw pillows and cozy blankets for a perfect sitting room.

2. Settee cushions will be supportive for hours of lounging

Fresh foam filling will give your settee more bounce and support than ever. That’s important since we can easily spend hours of our days sitting on the couch.

Using furniture that isn’t supportive can lead to muscle pain and general discomfort, especially if you’re the type to fall asleep on the settee after dinner. Saggy sofa cushions can also make it harder to read or work on the sofa for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable.

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3. Feather and polyester fill goes flat over time

Many sofa cushions are filled with feather and polyester filling. Although these materials start out soft and luxurious, they tend to go flat over time regardless of how much fluffing you try to give them.

Foam, on the other hand, lasts longer and is more resistant to normal wear and tear. Foam inserts can withstand more wear and tear while maintaining their shape and support for years to come.

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4. You can help your sofa last longer

Keeping your sofa cushions filled and fluffy helps protect the furniture’s inner frame and sofa covers.

Well-filled cushions help distribute weight and pad the inner frame so it doesn’t get damaged from regular use. This small investment could help your sofa last years longer.

5. Getting comfortable is easy with a variety of foam firmness options

Foam inserts are available on a scale from soft to extra-firm, so there are options for people who want to feel like they’re floating on a cloud as well as people who need more support from their settee. 

Regardless of which firmness level you choose, your sofa cushions will be beautiful and comfortable.

We offer a nationwide sofa cushion refilling service in a variety of foam densities. We can even arrange to collect your cushion covers for £10. Contact us with your cushion sizes for a quote now 01752 345678 info@putnams.co.uk.

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