5 Reasons To Buy The Putnam Pillow

5 Reasons To Buy The Putnam Pillow

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The Putnam Pillow has sold in the UK for over 40 years. With a cult like following we wanted to highlight 5 benefits of sleeping with a Putnam Pillow.

1. Recommended by medical professionals

The Putnam Pillow

This pillow is purchased by and recommended by Occupational therapists, physios and chiropractors throughout the UK. We are proud that it is medically recognised to reduce back and neck pain during sleep as well as improving sleep posture. 

2. Better sleep - correctly aligns the spine

the Putnam Pillow

Our pillow comes in different sizes to support different body types. Take our quiz here to find the right pillow for you. The pillow is contoured to properly support the head, neck & spine when side or back sleeping.

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3. Stops back & neck pain

Putnam pillow stops neck and back pain

By supporting the head & shoulders correctly you will wake feeling refreshed. Many reviews note that this pillow stopped the pins and needle tingling sensation and stopped their neck and back pain.

4. Made in the UK

pillows handmade in the UK, England, Devon

We are proud to champion British industryThis pillow always has been and remains fully UK manufactured. The covers are also hand-sewn by our lovely team of skilled sewing machinist.

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5. Keeps it's shape

Pillow keeps its shape 2 year guarantee

We guarantee the pillow will feel exactly the same for 2 years of nightly use. Our pillows long outlive the 2 year guarantee however we recommend replacing the pillow every 4-5 years due to hygiene reasons. A waterproof cover helps extent the life of your pillow even further.

Here are some of hundreds of 5 star reviews for the Putnam Pillow:

The Putnam Pillow reviews

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