5 best types of pregnancy pillow do they help and how to use them

5 Best Types Of Pregnancy Pillow - Do They Help & How To Use Them

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is any pillow that helps a pregnant woman become more comfortable, either pre or post birth. This can be pillows used for sitting, sleeping and feeding as well as reducing back and hip pain.

Which pregnancy pillow is best?

We have rounded up our favourite pregnancy pillows and explained why as well as letting you know what cushion type s best for what problem.

When should I get a pregnancy pillow?

When you should start using a pregnancy pillow is entirely dependent on your growing bump and levels of discomfort. As soon as you are feeling a pain point it is time to start looking for a solution to keep you comfortable and calm. 

5 Best types of pregnancy pillow:

Dr Huff Cushion

This is the best pregnancy cushion for sitting.

best pregnancy cushion for sitting

Feeling uncomfortable when sitting post birth? This cushion has a discreet cut out that was designed by a female Doctor for relieving discomfort and pressure on the sensitive region when sitting. The best part? The stretch cover that hides the cut-out from passers-by.

British Wool Knee Pillow

This is the best pregnancy cushion for hip pain.

best pregnancy cushion for hip pain when sleeping

Are you suffering from hip and back pain when sleeping? This knee pillow takes up a lot less room than traditional pregnancy “sausage style” pillows.

Cuddle Support Pillow - U Shape

This is the best pregnancy cushion for all over support & comfort.

best all round pregnancy cushion review UK for expecting mums pregnant women

This is the more traditional style of pregnancy pillow which is ideally suited to side sleepers. This pillow allows you to sleep in the recovery position which effectively takes pressure off the hips, bump and back. It can also be used as an adult baby nest and to support your baby during feeding.

Pregnancy Bed Wedge (Acid Reflux)

This is the best pregnancy cushion for acid reflux.

best pregnancy cushion for acid reflux when sleeping heartburn UK

Some women suffer from acid reflux during pregnancy. This bed wedge tilts your head above your torso reducing acidic discomfort. This nifty pillow can also be placed under your feet to reduce swelling or sideways so that the thicker end is under your back and the thinner end under your bump to reduce pressure.

Bed Back Support Pillow

This is the best pregnancy cushion for back pain in bed.

best pregnancy cushion for back pain in bed UK

This little pillow goes under your back when sleeping to improve your posture on your back or on your side (it is advised to sleep on your side during pregnancy).

Please note we are not medical professionals. Always seek the advice of your doctor.

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