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University Bed / Bedding Guide

Posted on August 20 2015

With University just around the corner we thought we would write out a handy bed guide for all new and returning university students. Firstly congratulations on all new University students on gaining a place University is an amazing experience.

Now however you have to decide what to take. As well as books, course materials and your amazing self what else do you need to bring?

As bedding connoisseurs we have put together a bed guide (we all know you will be spending a fair bit of time sleeping in it!).

Firstly you need a good pillow. University students are known for enjoying their sleep but with the average person spending 33% of their life in bed its important to invest in a good mattress and pillow. Fortunately we understand most University students are on a budget so here are our budget friendly versions.



wave pillow university budget pillow

Our orthopedic wave pillow is super soft whilst at the same time giving support to your neck and shoulders and keeping your spine aligned. There are two sides one lower and one higher meaning you can spin the pillow around and use the side most suited to the breadth of your shoulders. This pillow is also available in memory foam and fits inside any standard pillow case.

As you probably know your university bed should definitely come with a mattress (if not you should be worried!). However everyone knows these aren't the most comfortable things to lie one. Why not improve yours by adding one of our memory foam travel mattress toppers to the top of your mattress. Included is a washable removable cover. However we recommend to use a fitted sheet over it as-well to prolong its life. Available in Single and Double.

The travel bag is handy for when you are moving in / moving out and can be used to keep clean sheets and towels in when not in use.

Also take advantage of our FREE DELIVERY at the moment!

university memory foam mattress topper cheap budget uk


Other handy things to bring to uni that you may forget:
- Towels /  Duvet
- Laptop / Mobile Charger
- Pens and Paper
- Hairdryer / Beauty products
- Lots of pound coins for the washing machines! TRUST US!
- Tea / Coffee mug 
-Cans of beans for when you inevitably run out of money
Lets us know how you get on and Good luck! 
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Written by Bubbles Putnam.

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