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9 Foods To Help You Sleep On A Long Flight

Posted on August 06 2015

sleep tips for a long flight trans Atlantic
Traveling a long distance can be a pain but lets face it, it's so worth it! What makes a long journey go fast? Sleep! However we all know how hard sleep is on an airplane. We have previously written a guide on how to stop travel sickness, this time we are going to look at what foods can help you sleep on a long haul flight.
Read below for a list of 9 great foods that can keep you full longer, boost sleep hormones and fight jet-lag! 

Almond Butter:

Helps regulate blood sugar during a long flight. Almond butter ensures your blood sugar levels don’t get too low.


Bananas contain serotonin (which helps you sleep) and magnesium (which helps relax your muscles).

Chamomile Tea + Honey:

Chamomile tea has long been known to help you both relax and stay calm the honey gives the tea a double whammy effect of controlling blood sugar levels.


As well as tasting delicious cherries contain melatonin which helps with sleep cycle regulation (especially helpful with Jet-lag) allowing you to drift peacefully off.


Particularly walnuts and almonds, both of which contain vitamin B which helps with the production on melatonin (see above).


Eat this one a few hours before you go to sleep. Oatmeal will fill you up during sleep so you won’t wake up hungry half way through your journey.


Well known to help with stress resilience. We all know how stressful that crying baby can be!


Contain tryptophan which is involved in the synthesis of vitamin B and is a well-known aid for insomnia.

Warm Milk:

Can help stabilize blood sugar levels but don’t blame us for the odd looks you get when asking the barista to warm up your milk only cup.


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Written by Bubbles Putnam.
9 foods to eat on a long flight

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