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How To Get Back To Sleep

Posted on June 30 2015

Ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get yourself back to sleep? 
Many sleep issues can have an underlying health problem such as chronic pain, sleep apnoea and acid reflux but for those that don't read below for some tips.
We have a few tricks for making the journey back to the land of nod slightly easier.
P.s Don't count sheep!! 
Small worries can nag at the mind and make sleep even more elusive. A great tip is keeping a notepad next to your bed, when you wake up write down any thoughts that are troubling you into a list. This helps get them off your mind and structures them into an achievable list.
According to Dr Neil Stanley (a sleep expert) "counting sheep actively uses the mind in a way that is arousing, which actually wakes the body up more".
Many people instead find it helpful to think of a scenario that is completely unassociated from your worries. For instance design the interior to your own super yacht or imagine an animal from head to tail.
Do not watch the clock as this will heighten your worries about getting back to sleep and make it even harder.
Try tensing your muscles from your toes to your head for 5 seconds at a time, this should help your body relax.
If you cant get back to sleep after 20 minutes get out of bed. Leave your bedroom and perhaps read something boring like a magazine article or listen to relaxing music. When you start to feel sleepy again go back to bed.
To get better sleep in the first place make sure to invest in a good mattress, pillow and sheets. You spend one third (33%) of your life in bed. Why not make that 1/3rd of your life more comfortable? Check out our sleep range now. 
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Written by Bubbles Putnam.


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