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Which Sleeping Position is Best For You?

What sleeping position is best for you? Read below to find out which sleeping position you should be using using and what products you can get to help you?
Best sleeping position for Heart Burn?
Sleep on left side with hands under head this places less pressure on your organs and helps relieve acid seeping up to the gullet during the night. Bend your knees and curve your legs towards you (into a semi-foetal position) however try not to curve your spine too much as this can be bad for your back.
Best sleeping position for Back Pain?
Lie on your side with your legs supported. Key : keep spine in neutral position. Keep hips stacked on top of each other and use a knee pillow between your legs to help keep the pelvis aligned. Keep knees slightly bent with your arms in front of you. This position can feel odd at first but in time you will get used to sleeping with the extra support.
Sleeping Position
Best sleeping position for Sinus Pain?
Lie on your side propped up (helps with drainage) use an extra pillow for support (to hug) to help keep your chest open and stop you sliding down. Bed wedges are particularly useful for this purpose especially wedges with gentle slopes.
Best sleeping position for Shoulder Pain?
Lie on back with arms rested at sides.
Best sleeping position for Achy Jaw/ Bruxism?
Lie on your back with your face pointed towards the ceiling. This should allow your jaw to relax naturally. 8% of adults suffer from bruxism.
Sleeping Position
Best sleeping position for Sore Hips?
Lie on your back this will give your hips much needed relief from the strain on your hips caused by walking and sitting all day.
Best sleeping position for PMS?
Avoid the obvious foetal position / lying on stomach instead lie on your back. Place a pillow under your knees to stop the lower spine aching too much. Keep arms neutral at sides.
Sleeping Position
No Problems?
Sleep on your side.
Benefits of sleeping on your left side:
- Help with digestion- Improved blood circulation back to the heart
- Helps bile move freely
    Benefits of sleeping on your right side:
    -Easier for your heart to pump blood
    -Liver can empty faster
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    Written by Bubbles Putnam.

    bubbles putnam

    Information taken from amazing facts.
    Please consult your doctor before making any serious changes to your sleep.
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