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How To Reduce Back Pain When Sitting For A Long Time

Posted on April 09 2015

An effective method for reducing back pain when sat for long periods of time? Such as on a long car journey or sitting at a desk all day?
No problem! We have got you covered! 
Putnams Lumbar Supports:
Key features:
- Can be used in multiple ways
- British Made
- Stops slouching
- Comes with a removable, washable cover
- Choice of colour (Black, Blue, Grey & Beige)
- Improves posture
- Reduces back pain
- Can be used in multiple seats (comes with an adjustable strap)
- Select from three sizes depending on the level of support you require (D roll is the most popular choice)
- Ideal for office chairs and car seats
We have been making our lumbar supports for over 20 years, they are one of our most loved products by our customers. Simply place the lumbar support in the small of your back and feel the instant support.
We feel it is important for our customers to understand the full benefit of the products they are purchasing as well at the key features of each product.
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Written by Bubbles Putnam.

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