4 ways to beat stress this Christmas

Eat Well

Don’t fill up on mince pies! The Party season tends to let people slip into bad eating and drinking habits, be aware of what you’re eating so you don’t have to hit the gym so hard in January. As were on this note, don’t overdo the alcohol either. Make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach, have protein before you do (Protein slows the absorption of alcohol), hard boiled eggs are a quick and easy source of this.

Reduce Worry

Stress is ever present during the run up to Christmas see below for some useful advice:

- Budget for Christmas so you don’t overspend.

- Plan in advance, buy a turkey now and pop it in the freezer so you have one less thing to worry about come the big day.

- Take time out for you; set aside a few minutes every day to do something that’s calming for you. Maybe run a bath, or read that book you never finished in      Summer.


As well as planning ahead you can budget time for mini exercise sessions, just a few minutes at a time throughout the week really add up to improving your mental and physical wellbeing as well as busting stress.

Sleep Well

Sleep may seem like the last thing you should be doing at this time of year, however it is one of the most important factors contributing to your mental & physical health as well as your energy levels. This time of year sees people online shopping for last minute gifts in bed. As previously mentioned in our other blog posts ban electronics from the bedroom. The use of electronics in the bedroom makes it harder to drift off and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Investing in a good pillow is also a great place to start, orthopaedic pillowscan help you drift off into better sleep by supporting your head neck and shoulders. They have also been shown to reduce back and neck pain. A duvet filled with wool can also help regulate your body temperature, Wool duvets help with your REM sleep (the time when we have most of our dreams).

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