Sleeping in the nude to improve your health

Marilyn may have been onto something when she famously said she only wore chanel no 5 to bed. A new study has found that sleeping naked can cut your risk of diabetes, infection, tiredness as well as weight loss.

This study focused on temperature of sleeping adults, it looked at clothing worn at night and if pyjamas altered body temperature regulation (homeostasis). The results concluded that body temperature was indeed affected by wearing pyjamas to bed.

The advantage of sleeping naked is that the body can regulate its core temperature easier. If you have on thick pyjamas it is harder for your body to regulate your temperature. Going to bed in the nude or in very thin pyjamas is the best way to allow your body to respond to changes in the heat of a room.

Why do we need to be cool in sleep?

Our bodies naturally cool down during sleep. Blood is sent to the skin to do this. Low body temperature triggers sound sleep. Being too hot internally means you will find it harder to nod off. 

Brown Fat:

It has been shown that brown fat burns excess calories to regulate body temperature, being cooler means that more fat will be burnt to regulate your body temperature.  Sleeping in a cool bedroom activates brown fat in adults. Tests showed that having a cooler bedroom during sleep doubled volumes of brown fat (a good thing). This lead to more calories being burnt during the day and insulin sensitivity being increased. This study therefore shows that overtime sleeping in a cold bedroom could lessen the risk of diabetes.

However room temperature should not go below a level as to make you uncomfortable as this will have adverse effects on your health.

Another positive of sleeping naked: improved intimacy with your partner and the release of oxytocin from skin on skin contact. Oxytocin has a protective effect on the heart, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety.

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