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Prostate Cushions From Putnams | Putnams

Prostate Cushions From Putnams

prostate cushion pressure relief
As leaders in the manufacturing of British pressure cushions we have cushions to suit a huge range of different problems and situations. We have two key prostate cushions that are known to help people suffering pain in the region. The Prostate gland is only found in men and there are a number of different reasons that cause discomfort including prostate enlargement, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) and prostate cancer.
The most traditional style and well known prostate cushion is the ring cushion, this cushion is circular and shaped like a doughnut. Its circular cut out in the middle will help reduce the pressure on the prostate region while sitting offering high levels of pain relief compared to sitting on a normal cushion. This cushion is also suitable for users with piles.
The other fantastic prostate cushion we do is the Sero Pressure Cushion with Dr Huff cut out. This is a square cushion with a specially cut ripple top layer designed to bring comfort to the user, it has a special cut out in the prostate region that will help to reduce the sitting pain by reducing the pressure. The stretch cover hides the cut out for a discreet look.
For more information on Prostate problems please Click here.
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Written by Bubbles Putnam.

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