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Why Choose a Putnam’s Kneeling Chair

Posted on February 18 2015

Kneeling chairs are known to help promote good posture which can contribute to a healthy back.Putnam Kneeling Chairs are unlike any other kneeling chairs and can’t be matched in terms of quality and price. There are a number of reasons why they are so good and why they get such good reviews and feedback.

The first and most important reason why our kneeling chairs are so good is because of the foam. We use high quality Putnam foam in our chairs that means that it is very comfortable, highly supportive and long lasting. Getting the correct foam is important in a kneeling chair because they have two contact points and they are very different to an ordinary office chair. Most chairs are made in China with foam that will offer very little support over a short period of time due to its quality and thin depth. Our British Foam will outperform these chairs.

The next factor that makes our chairs so good is the frame, it is made from high quality timber that is strong and looks good in the office. We recently had our kneeling chairs tested and they could take over 30 stone of weight. The chair is highly adjustable unlike other chairs on the market. It has two different types of adjustment and each has 3 different adjustments for a total of 9 different positions.

The choice of seats is where we stand out from the rest. We offer the chair with a special cut out for those who are suffering from coccyx pain (see photo to the right). The cut out takes pressure away from the base of the spine to help relieve coccyx and lower back pain. We also offer the ordinary and coccyx kneeling chairs in memory foam for added luxury and comfort, memory foam is well known for its pressure relieving properties which is why we use a special grade of Putnam Memory Foam in our kneeling chairs for added comfort and support.

The final reason why our posture chairs are so good is down to the finish, as UK manufacturers we take pride in our finish which is why every chair is individually inspected in our factory before it leaves the premises so that it has Putnam quality assurance.

One final note from the aurthor: This article was written on a Putnams Kneeling Chair.



If you would like to sell this product or any others in the range then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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