The causes of Coccyx Pain


Coccyx pain or Coccydynia is very common and causes discomfort and pain at the base of the spine (tailbone) particularly when sitting down. There are many different reasons why Coccydynia occurs and it is often hard to identify the reason. Before we go into the causes you might want to be sitting comfortably with one of our Sero Coccyx Cushion.

Injuring your coccyx is very common and can be the result of an accidental kick in sport or falling on a hard surface on your coccyx. In most cases there is just bad bruising and high levels of short term pain. In severe instances fractures or dislocations which will cause pain while moving and particularly sitting.

Poor posture can also be a factor, sitting for a long period of time in an awkward position can put too much pressure on your coccyx. This can occur at work or while driving and will get worse the longer you stay in this position.

Ageing is another reason for this pain, as we grow older the cartilage that helps hold the coccyx in place wear down and the bones that make up the coccyx region become more tightly fused together which causes stress on the bones resulting in pain. Other factors of coccyx pain can be a result of being over or under weight, repetitive strain injury or in very rare cases cancer (Sarcoma).

Childbirth is a very frequent cause of coccyx pain, the reason is down to the release of hormones in the third trimester. Some of the muscles and ligaments become permanently altered and can no longer hold your coccyx in the right position, this leads to Coccydynia.

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