Memory Foam Back Support

Memory Foam Back Support

At Putnams we have been specialising in back care for over 30 years, we believe that we offer one of the best memory foam back support on the market. This product is based on the top selling Rest-a-Back and was revamped to bring the amazing ergonomic shape and design of this lumbar back support with the added luxury of memory foam.

If you sit at an office or indeed any chair for prolonged periods of time and suffer from back pain then a potential reason could be down to your posture. Good posture is important to keeping and maintaining a healthy back. Our Memory Foam Back Support is designed to promote good posture, it is designed to support and align the spine but is particularly effective and supportive to the lumbar region.

Our memory foam is of the highest standard and should not be confused with other inferior products. As well as our memory foam the material we use to sew the cover is brought from a UK company and is sewn in our UK factory meaning that is manufactured in the UK offering the highest value for money.

If you want to help back pain we recommended that you take regular breaks from the office chair and stretch every 2 hours, a healthy life style is also important and an active lifestyle can help build up and strengthen you back muscles. If you have tried memory foam in the past and wanted a different type of foam then the Superest is a brilliant alternative that is very easily adaptable and adjustable in almost any chair and can even be used whilst travelling.

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