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Baby Reflux & Anti Colic Bed Wedge Positioner


This gently sloping bed wedge was specifically designed for young babies. Made with a top layer of memory foam and a firmer base of orthopedic foam to gently cradle your babies head and body. The soft memory foam top layer reduces pressure to the cranium and the gentle tilt reduces reflux.

   British Made.

Included are two Velcro adjustable side supports to keep your baby in place while resting. 

Removable washable Hypo-allergenic & micro-bacterial cover made from performance fabric that helps to keep your baby cool while it sleeps.

Due to the slope of the product it can also aid with nasal congestion.

Foam is British made. Cover sewn in England.

Place product on top of existing mattress. 

Dimensions: 55cm x 35cm

Zip is safely covered by fabric. 


Hazards and Cautions

Once your baby is able to roll over freely, the Baby Positioner is no longer effective in positioning your baby, and its use should be discontinued. Avoid swaddling baby while using.

Discontinued 06/10/2017 due to FDA banning in America