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When do the clocks change Autumn 2016

Posted on October 03 2016

clocks changing autumn 2016 when change go back go forward


It's that time of year, whether you love the colder longer Autumn nights and the crunch of leaves under foot or you dream of the returning sunshine in Spring there is no changing the seasons path. 

So here is the information you need for changing clocks 2016:

Remember the saying spring forward, fall back.

In the "fall" (Autumn) clocks go one hour back on the last weekend in October in the spring clocks go forward one hour in the last weekend of March. 

So at 2am on the last Sunday in October you will need to set your clock back one hour (October 30th this year (2016)).

This is the" good one" where you get an extra hour in bed!

When the clocks do go back at the end of October we will be back in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and out of BST (British Summer Time).

The clocks changing was first introduced as a means of conserving coal during world war one. It also has other benefits such as more light after the end of the working day(in the Spring/Summer).

How can you update your clock?

If you have an iPhone its will automatically update as long as it is not on aeroplane mode. 

If you have an android phone it should update automatically as long as your settings for time are set to automatic. You will also need to check your windows phone date and time settings for automatic time update.

What are you going to do with your extra hour? Stay up an hour later? Go for a morning run before work? Or just spend it in bed?

What will you do with your hour? Share with us via:
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Written by Bubbles Putnam.


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