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Crazy Invention or Pure Genius?

Posted on November 17 2014

MFA student Eden Lew has taken power napping to a whole new level with her “Nutshell” invention pictured.

Eden Lew is a student at New York’s School of Visual Arts, she was tasked with designing a product based around the first piece of rubbish she threw away. This got her thinking about the relationship between food and time. As she is a student she takes micro breaks from study to eat (5 minutes or so). This led her to create a space where she can both eat and think in solitude “ I decided that if I’m going to spend five minutes or less eating a lunch, then I might as well use that five minutes to take a mental break” and thus the “nutshell” was created.

The “nutshell” is still in final design stages but should be available to buy in the future. Eden Law says the “nutshell” is all about “promoting the psychological benefits of solitude.


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Written by Bubbles Putnam.


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